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Hala Salem is a dancer, choreographer, actress, dance teacher, and workshop facilitator from Deir Hanna and based in Haifa. Hala started her professional training at Haifa Dancers Training Workshop and had obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Dance Theatre from the Western Galilee Academic College.

Throughout her dancing career, Hala has performed solo, with local dance groups and has appeared in several music videos. With Amsterdam storytelling center, hala has worked as a performer and a workshop facilitator.

In collaboration with Rand Taha, a Palestinian dancer, hala made a duet called “Parallel” which emphasis what women endure psychologically through their years when coming from different backgrounds but same community. They have performed both locally and internationally.

With the academic Arab college for education in Haifa Hala is making her first project “Araq”, both as a diractor and choreographer. The work started as a final project for her students in 2022, and continued with the ensamble of the college theatre. 


Hala works as a movement and dance instructor with different marginalized groups: kids with special needs, elderly people and women.

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